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About Me


Group Exercise Instructor

I started Little Green Running Shoes in May of 2013 to help my personal training clients see a different side of me. Most of the time when someone meets a personal trainer, the first things that run through their head are :
“Maybe I should ask her about the weird twinge in my back.”
“Oh, I haven’t been to the gym in a while.”
“I wonder what she’s like when she isn’t at the gym.”
This is exactly how I came up with the idea to start LGRS. Believe it or not, just because I work as a personal trainer, I am still human. I love ice cream, baking, reading, horseback riding, and being outside. I also love to run, teach group exercise, lift weights, help others workout, and stay healthy. I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina with four younger sisters (Yes, four sisters) and two amazing parents. My sisters and I all look alike (in my opinion) and we all love to dance.